Big tents and small tents for fairs and events

As varied as events are, so varied can be the event tents. You can find tents with few square meters space or tents for more than 100,000 visitors. Particularly at fairs, festivals, concerts and sporting events large tents are needed. Tents are a good solution to create large spaces in a short time. Special designs allow large spaces without interfering intermediate posts, which can be enlarged to any size. Sizes range from 10 m to 60 m span and if more space is needed large tents offer two-story building solutions. If on the contrary you are planning a small event like a garden party, you should think of small tents for this issue. The smallest tents create a space of about 9 square meters. Nevertheless, small tents are as varied in their shape and form as large tents and can be customized depending on the event.

Operational area: countrywide