Coffee & Coffee Capsules for Fully Automatic Coffee Systems

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages of the German and of course, can not be missing the caffeine consumption on events and exhibitions. It is made from the seeds of the fruit of the coffee plant, which are roasted and partially crushed. The roasting and grinding degree depends on the method of preparation. There are coffee beans from a coffee plant and coffee substitute, for example, chicory and barley malt. In addition, coffee is available in loose ground and unground form, as granules and coffee capsules or pods. It is available in different varieties and strengths, such as 100% Arabica coffee, espresso, cafe crema, in a mild form and strong and has even offered as a decaf. Coffee was once very expensive and therefore, only wealthy people could afford this. Today, coffee is a drink for everyone, grows in over 50 countries around the equator and will be exported to all countries around the globe.

Einsatzgebiet: Europe-wide