Lounge Furniture

The use of stylish lounge furniture at major events has become increasingly popular. Thanks to quality material, a modern but timeless design and a wide range of possible fields of use, lounge furniture is a popular choice for all kinds of events. Often the colours are classic and unobtrusive so that the furniture can be easily integrated into any overall design. Lounge sofas and chairs provide a cosy atmosphere to a lounge, even at bustling trade fairs, and invites visitors to stay longer. Side tables and the right lighting complete the ambience. It makes sense to not only supply the guests in this area with catering – for example in form of a flying buffet – but also put brochures or other material on display. These often receive more attention in a lounge area of an event. The right furniture can be rented from specialized agencies. In addition to the advisory service, these service providers also offer the transportation, which includes the assembly and disassembly of the requested lounge furniture as well.

Operational area: countrywide