Store construction for shop design and stand construction

The store construction takes care of the interior of commercial premises. Wherever the customer enters the business premises, the store construction plays a major role. On the one hand, furniture, accessories and lighting must be functional, on the other hand, however, they have to create a pleasant atmosphere and enhance the character of the products or services offered positively. In addition, the overall appearance of the premises should fit to the brand or the company. At the beginning of the collaboration with a shop fitter, it is therefore crucial to acquaint the service provider in detail with the corporate philosophy and the characteristics of the products. The furniture design will be created jointly with an architect and subsequently implemented by the shop fitters. Here you can either use existing furniture components or let them create an entirely individual furnishing. Some service providers only offer the production of furniture for commercial premises, while others also carry out the installation and if necessary even other services on interior design.

Operational area: local