IFEMA opens its doors to the Latin America energy and electricity market


12.02.2015 08:13:12, Ifema Feria de Madrid

The Trade Fairs MATELEC and GENERA will be held at Espacio Riesco of Chile from 7 to 9 October, during a period of large investments in the Chilean energy and electricity market.

The Wall Street Journal and the Heritage Foundation position Chile as the 7º country with the highest Index of Economical Freedom, the best assessed one of Latin America.

IFEMA´s proposal in Chile is completed with the celebration of SICUR Latin America for the third consecutive year. It will be held from the next 30 September to 2 October.

Madrid, 4 February 2015. - IFEMA supports the electricity and energy markets, as one of the most prosperous possibility of business for the companies of the sector. When the Chilean government communicated the new Plan of Investments in Public infrastructures and the energy reform during their visit to Madrid, it was clear that the companies have a great business opportunity in Chile to be known for the Latin America market.
Due to this need of the country and with the energy efficiency as driving force, holding Trade Fairs as MATELEC Latin America, International Trade Fair for the Electrical and Electronics Industry and GENERA Latin America, Energy efficiency and Electricity industry Trade Fair, is very important. They will be held at the same time from 7 to 9 October in Espacio Riesco of Santiago de Chile.

This initiative carried out by IFEMA, in collaboration with FISA, is supported by the report recently elaborated by the Heritage Foundation and The Wall Street Journal, which measures the Index of Economic Freedom. In this analysis, Chile is positioned as the seventh best assessed country of a total of 178 nations, being in this way, the Latin America leader in this aspect, with an evident advantage with respect to the rest of the countries. Colombia, which is in the 28 position, is the nearest country in the list. According to the economist Francisco Klapp, the development is favourable, and he hopes that “the Gross Domestic Product rises by 3 points until 2018, thanks to the new tax reforms agreed”, as quoted by the energy magazine ‘Electricidad. La revista energética de Chile’. (Electricity. The energy magazine of Chile)

The report observes an evident economic freedom in Chile, which improves its assessment in this aspect, for the fifth consecutive year. Heritage Foundation evaluation defines Chile as “the least corrupt country of Latin America, with a judicial system free of interferences and which strongly respects the property and contract rights”. Due to this international support, the energy companies look at the new Chilean Energy Plan 2014-2018 as a unique opportunity. This strategy aims to reduce the loss-making electrical system in the country and improve the renewal energies.

With this business opportunity, a new context of presentation and growth is open for all the companies with important synergies in a potential market for the development of the electricity an energy sectors, as well as for the security industry, necessary for the social and economic development. For that, IFEMA, as one of the most important European companies in Latin America, in collaboration with FISA, leader of the Trade Fair sector in the region, organizes the first edition of MATELEC Latin America, a Trade Fair which offers a “Global Solution” for the electricity sector and intelligent technology, together with the second edition of GENERA Latin America, the most up-to-date trade fair for the renewal energy and efficiency. IFEMA trade fair proposal for Chile is completed with SICUR Latin America, International Security Exhibition, from 30 September to 2 October, dealing with the safety sector from a global perspective.

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