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Trade Fairs 2014/2015 and Trade Fair Dates at TradeFairDates

Trade shows are temporary events in different recurring intervals where new products and services are presented. The number of trade fairs is steadily increasing worldwide; therefore it is important for exhibitors and visitors to get a quick overview and find the right trade shows for themselves. With this platform, Sima Media offers a fast and detailed way to search for exhibitions by name, venue, date, industry and services. A wide range of trade fair suppliers can be found in our exhibition service provider database. In addition, we provide the booking of exhibition hotels and information on a wide range of attractions in many major international exhibition cities.

International Trade Shows 2014/2015 elsewhere

Christmas market Vienna, Austria
Christmas market

14.11.2014 - 23.12.2014
Christmas fair Vienna, Austria
Christmas fair

15.11.2014 - 23.12.2014
Christkindlmarkt Innsbruck, Austria

15.11.2014 - 06.01.2015
Weihnachtsdorf Vienna, Austria

15.11.2014 - 23.12.2014
Autumn Consumer Fair Kuwait City, Kuwait
Autumn Consumer Fair

18.11.2014 - 29.11.2014
Kuwait City
Arabic Books Exhibition Kuwait City, Kuwait
Arabic Books Exhibition

19.11.2014 - 29.11.2014
Kuwait City

Trade Shows 2014 in Germany

Christmas market Aschau am Inn
Christmas market

29.10.2014 - 01.12.2014
Aschau am Inn
Advent market Billerbeck
Advent market

15.11.2014 - 30.11.2014
Christmas market Bad Mergentheim
Christmas market

18.11.2014 - 21.12.2014
Bad Mergentheim
Christmas market Krefeld
Christmas market

20.11.2014 - 23.12.2014
Christmas market Düsseldorf
Christmas market

20.11.2014 - 23.12.2014
Christmas market Jülich
Christmas market

20.11.2014 - 23.12.2014
Christmas market Hagen
Christmas market

20.11.2014 - 23.12.2014
Christmas market Bochum
Christmas market

20.11.2014 - 23.12.2014
Christmas market Herne
Christmas market

20.11.2014 - 23.12.2014
Christmas market Duisburg
Christmas market

20.11.2014 - 30.12.2014

Trade show announcements and press releases about trade fairs

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