ApiSlovenija Celje

15. - 16. March 2025 | Fair for beekeeping

The ApiSlovenia Fair in Celje is an event for everyone passionate about bees and beekeeping. Since its inception in 1978, it has become an annual highlight, traditionally taking place in March. It is organized by Celjski sejem d.d..

Beekeeping roots stretch back to the annals of human history. In ancient Egypt, over 4500 years ago, bees were kept for honey production. The Egyptians were among the first to systematically breed bees by creating beehives out of unbaked clay. Beekeeping was an integral part of life in other ancient cultures as well, such as the Greeks, Romans, and in the Middle East. During the Middle Ages, beekeeping spread across Europe, with honey serving as a sweetener and beeswax used for candle making.

Modern beekeeping began in the 18th and 19th centuries with the development of new techniques and tools. The introduction of the movable comb hive by Lorenzo Langstroth in the 1850s revolutionized beekeeping by simplifying honey harvesting and improving beehive management. This innovation made it easier to efficiently inspect and manage beehives without excessively disturbing the bees.

To meet current challenges, researchers, beekeepers, and conservationists worldwide are engaged in developing more resistant bee breeds, improving beekeeping practices, using environmentally friendly pesticides, and restoring habitats. Additionally, awareness of the essential role of bees in our ecosystem is increasingly recognized.

ApiSlovenia has established itself as the largest beekeeping fair in Slovenia and enjoys an excellent reputation across Europe. The fair offers a wide range of exhibitions and expert lectures. Visitors can discover a diverse selection of bee products and beekeeping equipment, from honey and wax to the most advanced tools and technologies. Expert lectures by renowned speakers provide deep insights into various aspects of beekeeping and offer an excellent opportunity to expand knowledge.

A highlight of the fair is the opportunity to equip oneself for the upcoming season. ApiSlovenia attracts a broad spectrum of visitors, from hobbyists to professional beekeepers. It offers not just a platform for exchanging products and services but also promotes the sharing of experiences and networking within the beekeeping community.

The event takes place at the Celje Fairgrounds, a renowned and well-equipped location that offers ideal conditions for exhibitors and visitors. The Celje Fair is known for its hospitality and efficient organization, making ApiSlovenia a pleasant and enriching experience.

Additionally, the ApiSlovenia ticket grants access to other events such as the Coffee Festival Slovenia, Altermed & GreenVita, Days of Hunt, and Days of Fishing, which take place concurrently. This combination offers a unique opportunity to learn about different areas and discover new interests.

Overall, the ApiSlovenia Fair in Celje is a must-attend event for anyone involved in beekeeping or interested in bees and their products. With its long tradition, comprehensive offerings, and the opportunity to deepen knowledge and equip oneself, it serves as an important platform for the beekeeping community in Slovenia and throughout Europe.

For the 47th time there is the ApiSlovenija on 2 days from Sat., 15.03.2025 to Sun., 16.03.2025 in Celje.

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15.03.2025 - 16.03.2025*
Saturday - Sunday, 2 days
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Local time:
07:57 h (UTC +02:00)

Fair location:

Celje Fair,
Dečkova cesta 1, 3000 Celje, Celje, Slovenia


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Fair organizer
Celjski sejem d.d.
Dečkova 1
SI-3102 Celje, Slovenia
Tel: +386 (0)3 5433000
Fax: +386 (0)3 5419164
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  • 16. - 17. March 2024
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Fair location:

Celje Fair,
Dečkova cesta 1, 3000 Celje, Celje, Slovenia


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Where does the ApiSlovenija taking place?
The ApiSlovenija fair takes place in Celje, at the Celje Fair.

When is the ApiSlovenija taking place?
Visit the ApiSlovenija from 15. - 16. March 2025.

How often does the ApiSlovenija take place?
The ApiSlovenija takes place annually.

What kind of fair is the ApiSlovenija?
The ApiSlovenija is an exhibition for Food, Agriculture and .