Bar items and bars for each occasion

A bar provides a relaxed atmosphere and offers the opportunity for all sorts of conversations. Therefore, for a successful event a bar is of great significance and should be chosen carefully. Basically bar items consist of a working surface, a serving surface and a support structure that can be adapted according to the different functions required on the event. Event agencies offer bar items which can be design individually depending on the customer’s wishes and which can be adapted to the general design of the event. Whether you want a Caribbean style bar or a cozy lounge bar, a Western bar or a LED bar, for any topic you can find the matching bar items. The repertoire includes various materials such as plastic glass, tin, aluminum or leather, various colors, designs and sizes. For a successful overall design you can include in addition to the bar items proper lights and other effects. Optionally a refrigerated display case, a rear wall or screens may be added. Usually bar elements are easy to assemble, transport and clean.

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Operational area: local
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