Refrigeration & Freezer Units

To keep food and beverages deep frozen or cold at fairs or major events, a wide range of rental equipment is available. In addition the classic freezers and refrigerators, this range also covers refrigerator tons and plates as well as table coolers. Even beverage dispensers for soft drinks like juice dispensers are usually equipped with a cooling function. Many refrigeration units, especially smaller fridges for the beverage supply at fairs and events, play a decorative role, too: They are then equipped with a glass door and a company logo, this way the available beverages are clearly visible. Rental companies that supply this kind of equipment often also offer the transportation, the assembly and disassembly as well as the maintenance and cleaning of the refrigerating units. In order to choose the right equipment, it is recommended to request advice from the rental company regarding the adequate devices, the right sizes and the necessary performance.

Operational area: countrywide