Revolving Stages, Moving Platforms and Turntables

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Revolving Stages

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Service providers, who supply revolving stages for events, ensure to make their customers’ trade fair appearance a massive eye-catcher. For trade fairs, events, galas, receptions, museums, theatres, concerts, video and tv productions or in showrooms, revolving mechanisms are used indoors and outdoors to present products. The presented object attracts even more attention when set into motion and can also be viewed from different angles. Turning platforms can perfectly stage a product with the help of revolving, rotating, lifting and driving movements in normal or increased speed. Revolving stages created from modular construction systems of all sizes can rotate persons or all kinds of objects, even heavy duty, as a standard turning platform or as an individually designed and constructed turntable. With central load, the battery-operated or line-powered revolving stages can be operated for a limited or unlimited time as mobile stages or platforms. For safety reasons, suspended platforms should only be operated at half capacity and not over crowds of people.