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Rental of working platforms for different applications and requirements We are in Europe as an innovative company specializing in the rental of platforms ...
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Germanywide rental of aerial work platforms and forklifts You want to rent a boom lift or forklift? Then you have come to the right place! ...
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With lifts of FOX to get up high! Those who want to reach great heights, you need the right support. With a platform ...
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Europe rental and sale of aerial work platforms, forklift, mobile cranes and container In addition to lifts for all applications, we offer an extensive range of mobile ...
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Platforms in different versions We offer a selection of truck lifts, scissor lifts and specialty lifts in different ...

Working platforms

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Working platforms are used in various ways during fairs, events and conferences. Examples include the assembly and disassembly as well as occurring maintenance work. Choosing the right platform should be carried out with the consultation of a specialist, as the machines differ significantly from each other. Important aspects that need to be considered are subsurface properties, the necessary mobility of the platform and the weight of materials to be lifted. Working stages can either be rent on a short-term basis or be bought. The decision to lease or purchase a working platform is primarily dependent on the frequency of the use. When buying a mobile working platform, however, apart from the product costs, the costs for maintenance and storage need to be taken into account, too.