Beverage Service

Most of the times the beverage service for major events comes from a full service provider. In addition to supplying beverages, dishes and the necessary equipment, this service also includes the providing of staff. The selection of beverages usually covers soft drinks like water, coke, lemonade and juices as well as alcoholic drinks. Especially the supply of beer, wine and sparkling wine is common at trade fairs, whereas spirits are hardly provided. When selecting the beverages and the quantity, it is important to know what kind of audience is expected at the event. The aim is to provide the guests with the requested beverages at all times. Therefore the consumption needs to be calculated as precisely as possible in advance. The equipment like glasses, dispensing equipment and refrigerators as well as counters and bar tables is mostly provided by the beverage service company, too. Furthermore, the service also includes friendly and trained staff for the serving of the drinks.

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