Terraristikbörse Berlin

13. October 2024 | Information fair around the reptiles and terrarium | regional Fair

The Terraristikbörse Berlin is a specialized trade fair established in 2002, focusing on the presentation of reptiles and terrarium accessories. The fair's name, Terraristikbörse, originates from the terms "Terraristik", which refers to the care and keeping of animals in terrariums, and "Börse", meaning a kind of marketplace. This clearly outlines the focus and goal of the fair - to be a marketplace for terrarium enthusiasts and professionals. The fair takes place at the picturesque Tegeler Seeterrassen in Berlin.

The organizer of the fair is Terraristikbörse Berlin GbR, which besides the fair, also organizes various other terrarium events and educational activities. The main themes of the fair are reptile keeping, animal welfare, and the appropriate care of the animals. At the fair, a wide variety of products and services are presented, including reptiles of various species, terrariums and accessories, food, and specialized literature. Here, both beginners and professionals can inform themselves thoroughly about reptile keeping and stock up on animals and accessories at affordable prices. The exhibitors come from breeding, trade, and service sectors related to terrariums. Visitors are mainly reptile enthusiasts and keepers, from beginners to professionals, as well as specialists from the fields of veterinary medicine, animal welfare, and breeding. Moreover, the fair is also an attractive destination for interested laypeople and families. The Terraristikbörse Berlin offers a unique opportunity to learn about reptile keeping, purchase animals and accessories, and exchange ideas with like-minded people. The fair takes place at one of the most beautiful locations in Berlin, the Tegeler Seeterrassen, which with their atmosphere and proximity to the water, provide a perfect setting for this event.

The Terraristikbörse will take place on Sunday, 13. October 2024 in Berlin.

In 85 days
13.10.2024 - 13.10.2024*
Sunday, 1 day

22.12.2024 - 22.12.2024
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Year of foundation:

Local time:
03:12 h (UTC +02:00)

Fair location:

Tegeler Seeterrassen,
Wilkestr. 1, 13507 Berlin, Berlin, Germany


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Fair organizer
Terraristikbörse Berlin GbR
Carl-Herz-Ufer 3
10961 Berlin, Germany
Tel: +49 (0)30 8687025801
Fax: +49 (0)30 8687025809
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Fair location:

Tegeler Seeterrassen,
Wilkestr. 1, 13507 Berlin, Berlin, Germany


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Product groups: agamas, amphibians, boas, chameleons, feeder insects, frogs, geckos, iguanas, insects, lizards, mice, millipedes, praying mantises, pythons, rats, scorpions, snakes, snakes, spiders, terrarium decorations, terrariums, terrariums accessories, turtles, …

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Where does the Terraristikbörse taking place?
The Terraristikbörse fair takes place in Berlin, at the Tegeler Seeterrassen.

When is the Terraristikbörse taking place?
Visit the Terraristikbörse from 13. October 2024.

How often does the Terraristikbörse take place?
The Terraristikbörse takes place quarterly.

What kind of fair is the Terraristikbörse?
The Terraristikbörse is an exhibition for Reptiles, Hobby and .