iENA Nuremberg

26. - 28. October 2024 | International trade fair for inventions

The iENA Nuremberg, also known as the International Trade Fair for Ideas, Inventions, and New Products, is a prestigious and globally recognized event held in the heart of Germany at the NurembergMesse. The acronym "iENA" in the event's name stands for "Ideas, Inventions, New Products". Since its establishment in 1948, it has become the foremost platform for inventors and innovators worldwide..

Nuremberg has a long-standing tradition in the realm of innovations and inventions. Historically, the city was a significant hub for trade, art, and science in Europe, promoting a culture of exchange and innovation. Over the centuries, many renowned inventors and scientists have had their roots in Nuremberg or close ties to the city. Their inventions often originated in or were further developed in Nuremberg. Albrecht Dürer, the famed painter, mathematician, and theorist, hailed from Nuremberg. His techniques in engraving and his print works revolutionized art and the distribution of images. Cartographer Martin Behaim created the "Erdapfel" in 1492, the first known globe, depicting the world before Columbus's discovery of America. Peter Henlein, a watchmaker from Nuremberg, is often credited with inventing the first portable clock in the 16th century. These timepieces, the forerunners of modern pocket watches, were dubbed "Nuremberg Eggs".

Organized by AFAG Trade Fairs and Exhibitions GmbH, this fair is held annually, typically at the end of October or beginning of November. As a part of Consumenta, Bavaria's largest consumer fair, iENA Nuremberg offers visitors profound insights into the global achievements of inventors. The impressive caliber of showcased inventions ranges from practical everyday solutions to high-tech innovations across various industries. The extensive range of innovations at the fair spans areas including automotive, medicine, construction, office supplies, computers, electrical engineering, electronics, home economics, and mechanical engineering.

A primary objective of this trade fair is to provide inventors with an international platform to present their ideas, prototypes, and novel products and services. It not only serves as a showcase for innovations but also as an effective platform to establish valuable contacts with licensees and exploiters.

A particular highlight of the iENA Nuremberg is the established SIGNO Inventor Symposium, which is conducted during the fair and offers additional opportunities for knowledge exchange and networking.

The NurembergMesse is not only chosen for its central location in Europe but also for its modern infrastructure and capability to accommodate such a vast and diverse audience, making it the ideal venue for this international event.

In summary, the iENA Nuremberg is an indispensable event for all those passionate about innovations, inventions, and the latest trends. It is not just a stage for presentation but also a place for inspiration, learning, and networking.

Please note: The first two days are reserved exclusively for trade visitors.

The iENA will take place on 3 days from Saturday, 26. October to Monday, 28. October 2024 in Nuremberg.

In 189 days
26.10.2024 - 28.10.2024*
Saturday - Monday, 3 days
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Year of foundation:

Local time:
21:21 h (UTC +02:00)

Fair location:

Messe Nürnberg,
Messezentrum 1, 90471 Nuremberg, Bavaria, Germany


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Fair organizer
AFAG Messen und Ausstellungen GmbH
Messezentrum 1
90471 Nuremberg, Germany
Tel: +49 (0)911 988330
Fax: +49 (0)911 98833500
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Past editions:
  • 28. - 30. October 2023
  • 27. - 30. October 2022
  • 04. - 07. November 2021
  • 29 Oct. - 01 Nov. 2020
  • 31 Oct. - 03 Nov. 2019
  • 01. - 04. November 2018
    • 800 exhibitors from 30 countries
    • 12900 visitors
  • 02. - 05. November 2017
  • 27. - 30. October 2016
    • 700 exhibitors from 28 countries
  • 29 Oct. - 01 Nov. 2015
    • 8000 visitors
  • 30 Oct. - 02 Nov. 2014
  • 02. - 03. November 2013
    • 700 exhibitors from 32 countries
    • 1500 visitors
  • 01. - 04. November 2012
    • 750 exhibitors from 34 countries
    • 1500 visitors
  • 27. - 30. October 2011
    • 750 exhibitors from 30 countries
  • 28. - 31. October 2010
    • 800 exhibitors from 37 countries
    • 1300 visitors
  • 05. - 08. November 2009
    • 800 exhibitors from 33 countries
  • 30 Oct. - 01 Nov. 2008
    • 700 exhibitors from 29 countries

Fair location:

Messe Nürnberg,
Messezentrum 1, 90471 Nuremberg, Bavaria, Germany


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Product groups: ideas, innovations, inventions, prototypes, solutions, …

  • Inventions

Disclaimer: No responsibility is taken for the correctness of this information. Errors and alterations excepted! Fair dates and exhibition sites are subject to change by the respective trade fair organiser.


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26. Oct. - 03. Nov. 2024

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Where does the iENA taking place?
The iENA fair takes place in Nuremberg, at the Messe Nürnberg.

When is the iENA taking place?
Visit the iENA from 26. - 28. October 2024.

How often does the iENA take place?
The iENA takes place annually.

What kind of fair is the iENA?
The iENA is an exhibition for Inventions, and .